Category: poems

  • war machine

    war machine

    When lore warrants war, I’m slathering gore. Scarlet from depths, to surface and shore. Bloodied waves crashing, snuffed thrashings my score. Even the devil will flee from my roar.

  • holier than thou

    holier than thou

    Lost are those who know no bounds. Held prisoner by their open grounds. No loyalties held in their demeanour; No fence to make their grass seem greener. Just endless rounds for leaps and bounds, transcending time, and light and sounds…

  • penny for your thoughts – tails

    penny for your thoughts – tails

    Money see money do: and those with most are but a few. They hide the numbers that they skew; a bitter pill the masses chew. It’s all the same, there’s nothing new: perfected is their toxic spew. Ingested by the ones who queue; for hand me downs of what they strew…

  • the haaakhalaph

    the haaakhalaph

    I haaakh a laugh at those who think they know my craft I bet they smirk and wink and scheme at stuff I make without an ounce of clue on what it takes to bake this graft. And while they sample tasty makes they pick out shprinkles my mistakes and point and say AAHHAA! Not…

  • cleave


    Ode to you, thine heathen path. Whose lanes transgress and end with wrath. Along your trek, seeds sown root deep. Then blossom into a monstrous reap. Lost are those who you mislead.Your toll they pay in evil deeds. They walk upon your filthy track. Yet wonder why their soles turn black.

  • vice


    You’re broken, shattered into a million parts. To fix you I sifted through the shards: got cut, but still managed to piece together a token heart. Assembled what was once dismembered, now it resembles but does not beat. Closed eyes that do not sleep but instead weep like the WROKEN vessel that you are. You…

  • happychap