My name is Mohamed.
My work is an exploration of numbers and geometry.
My creative practise is built on over two decades of research in design, print and production process.

The art I create is made from discarded objects that I find and collect. I choose to make worth from the worthless, as I believe that this laces objects with ‘Baraka’ (good energy).

I am with the environmentally conscious, and value goodness beyond appearances.

As a designer, I am constantly studying the objects around me: their form, material and production method. I see design as a subtractive process.
Good design considers and addresses an audience: A successful design is clear and intuitive towards the problem it solves.
Art on the other hand, provides a forum for exploring the concepts and processes that might not necessarily solve a problem: instead of imparting my will through form, I allow found objects to speak a truth through me with the hopes of inspiring greatness.

Mëdia & Exhibitiōn